Automotive Cleaning Products

Industry proven and loved nationwide

Professional or DIY car, truck and vehicle cleaning products

Autoshine products do the job you need them to do

For every car, truck or van, and every grooming essential, we have the ideal product.  Autoshine will supply to you quickly - available as retail and wholesale, in person or via our online store.

Our cleaning solutions are environmentally safe and great for both domestic and commercial use.  We supply to the public, car dealers, and valet shops.

Buy local

  • Industry proven and loved by car dealers, owners and hobbyists nationwide.
  • Solutions the professionals use.
  • Personally made in Palmerston North, New Zealand.
  • We reuse as much as we can, and all our containers are recyclable

Proven history and passion

Back in the 1980’s, when Prince ruled the radio waves and Austin Mini Metros were a must have; Warren Steel began Autoshine Car Care Products in the sunny Hawke’s Bay, passing his passion for cars down to his children and grandchildren in the years that have followed. 

With forty years experience in the car industry, Warren is the right person to speak to for a cleaning solution that meet your needs.

A wide range of vehicle cleaning solutions

Autoshine brings you a wide range of automotive care and cleaning products in a variety of sizes.
Suitable for DIY cleaning and grooming, as well as professional servicing. 


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